Decorating exterior windows

Decorating exterior windows is really worth doing. Windows/doors has to be looked after from time to time due to severe weather conditions like rain, frost and direct sun light which affects timber. The project involved preparing, undercoating and glossing exterior windows.

T&J painting solutions preparing window for painting

Preparation work included scraping off the paint from the glass, caulking glass/timber edge so there is no gaps between timber frame and glass. Any rotten parts has been removed and replaced with bare timber. All the holes were filled with exterior wood filler and all frames has been sanded down to the smooth surface.

Once exterior windows ready we applied a coat of primer and a coat of Dulux Trade exterior weather-shield white undercoat.

 T&J painting solutions fixing the window

We allowed the undercut to dry and after about 16 hours we did apply Dulux Trade weather-shield white gloss.

T&J painting solutions painting window

Finally, decorated exterior windows looked gorgeous!  Well treated exterior windows will serve you many more years.


Type: Decorating exterior sash windows
Time: 5 days
Description: job included replacing rotten parts with new timber, decorating 8 sash windows and one large door
Materials used: exterior caulk, wood filler, Dulux Quick Drying Exterior undercoat and gloss
Budget: £500 – £1000