Exterior Painting & Decorating in Kent

Exterior Painting & Decorating – Kent, Maidstone, Ashford, Folkestone

Professional exterior painting job will extend the life of your house, walls, windows/door frames, fascias, trims etc.

Painting exterior walls

Before exterior painting begins, we check the condition of the walls and get rid of any signs of damp areas, loose paint, cracks or mould. Damp areas are to be sealed with special sealers. Further investigation is needed on damp areas. Cracks are to be filled using exterior filler. Mould should be treated either with mould killer spray or bleach. All exterior walls must be sound dry prior to painting.


What do you need to know about exterior masonry paint?

Masonry paint is for masonry surfaces such as concrete, brick, sandstone, mortar, stucco or cement block. Masonry paint seals out moisture. It may be an oil-based, alkyd, coating, latex or water-based. Before applying the masonry top coat it is always recommended to apply the primer to increase adhesion.

Painting exterior woodwork

When it comes to paint the exterior woodwork it is advisable to use water-based or water-borne unique paint systems from Zinnser or Tikkurila. These weatherproof paints have unique formulas and prevents flaking color fading of your woodwork for longer time.


Steps of exterior painting

1. Before painting

All details are negotiated with the client.

2. Preparation

All cracks and holes are filled.
Damp areas are sealed.
All gaps are caulked.
Walls are primed.

3. Painting

Market leading masonry paint is used such as Dulux, Sandex, Crown or Leyland.
Professional tools are used such as Purdy and Hamilton.
The paint is applied by roller and brush.
The paint is applied with at least two coats.