Painting Masonry Surfaces

Professionally painted masonry surfaces could liven its appearance. The painting process is similar to painting wood or metal. Properly prepared surfaces will last longer and look more attractive.

Walls should be dry, free of peeling, loose or flaking paint prior to painting. Once the walls are prepared it needs to be cleaned. The best solution is trisodium phosphate (TSP).

The other step is to apply masonry sealer. This step is necessary as the masonry is more porous and more textured than wood or drywall.

Next, the primer should be applied which improves water resistance. The masonry should be primed with normal drywall primer or with a specially formulated primer for masonry.

The last step is to apply the top coat. You could use either latex, oil or water based paints. At least two coats of masonry paint should be applied for the best results. Masonry paint comes in two main finishes – smooth and textured.