Decking treatment

Throughout the years the decking is exposed to the elements such as rain, frost, snow and sunlight. This leads to a deterioration of the colour, rotting, cracking or curling of the timber. Decking treatment involves three steps:

  • 1. Clean
  • 2. Restore
  • 3. Protect

Cleaning the deck

You should not treat any decking before it’s been properly cleaned. Cleaning the decking may vary – you could jet wash (do not use powerful jet wash a sit may damage the wood) or use special decking cleaning materials/chemicals such as trisodium phosphate, citric acid, hydrogen peroxide or general garden fungicide.

 T&J painting solutions decking treatment

Restoring the deck

Once the decking is clean the restoring process begins. For new wood you could use clear finishes and transparent stains. For older decks it is recommended to use semitransparent stain. You can apply the stain using the brush or spray.

T&J painting solutions staining decking

Protecting & sealing the deck

Final step is to seal and protect the wood. This could be achieved by sealing the deck using a clear, water-repellent wood protector. It is not only protects wood but also contains waxes to help prevent moisture damage, keeps the surface free from decay and also prevents mould growth.

T&J painting solutions restoring decking