Painting wooden fence & metal fence/gate

Fences are exposed to sun, frost and rain which results in colour fading, rotten wood or metal rust. Professional materials and treatment will help prolong the wood or metal.

Painting wooden fence


The first step is to make sure the fence is clean dirt and dust free. The moss and fungal growth could be wiped off with stiff bristle brush or jet washed. The next step is to prepare the fence and properly mix the paint. The last process involves painting. For large areas it is recommended to use sprayer otherwise the brush and roller will be ideal. For the best results apply 2 – 3 coats of wood paint.

Painting metal fence/gate


Firstly, the fence is scrubbed with a wire brush in order to get rid of all rusted areas. Afterwards, using the sandpaper remove any chipped or peeling paint and clean the fence with a cloth. Secondly, apply anti-rust primer. This can be either spray or liquid. Once anti-rust primer is fully dry apply metal paint. For the best results apply 2 – 3 coats.