Internal oak door treatment

Why would you want to treat internal oak doors? Firstly, treatment will protect from any dirt or stains and it is water resistant.
Secondly, it gives natural low sheen finish and looks great.

T&J painting solutions oak door treatment danish oil

Internal oak doors could be treated with different oils or waxes but in this particular project we used Danish Oil due to the client’s requirements.
Danish Oil is great for internal oak door treatment because it does absorbs deeply into wood, protects it, very easy to apply with dry cloth, quick drying, safe for environment, has low odour when applying and almost none once dry, it will not leave any rough surface, will not crack, peel or flake.

T&J painting solutions oak door

Preparation process did not require any special work undertaken. We did clean it from any traces of dust and other materials.

T&J painting solutions treating oak doorThis door was treated with four coats of Danish Oil. Which  gave superb look and protection for many years to come!

Type: Oak door treatment
Time: 1 day
Description: 6 internal oak doors has been treated 4 times
Materials used: Danish Oil
Budget: £0 – £500