Decorating staircase railings

This small project took us 3 days to complete. The task was to re-decorate in dark grey using Farrow & Ball satin paint.

t&j painting solutions decorating rails

Stage 1 – preparation. The surface was sanded down as much as possible, holes/cracks filled with wood filler.

t&j painting solutions stain blocking rails in London

Stage 2 – applying Zinsser stain block.

t&j painting solutions undercoating rails

Stage 3 – priming/undercoating using Farrow & Ball.

t&j painting solutions decorated rails London

Stage 4 – applying few top coats using water based Farrow & Ball paint.

Type: Interior painting and decorating
Time: 3 days
Materials used: Wood filler, Zinsser stain block, Farrow & Ball primer undercoat, Farrow & Ball top coat.
Budget: £0 – £500