Decorating using satin or gloss paints

Gloss paints is the most durable and widely used for interior and exterior woodwork or steel. You can choose either gloss or satin finish. Gloss paint comes in 3 forms: LIQUID – many professionals choose this type, ONE COAT – makes the job faster and NON-DRIP – mostly used for vertical areas such as doors. Before any gloss finish is applied the surface needs to be prepared and undercoated.

Gloss is oil-based paint and usually dries in 16 – 24 hours.
Steps of interior painting

1. Before painting

All details are negotiated with the client.
All furniture are either moved or covered.
Floor is covered with dustsheets.

2. Preparation

All cracks and holes are filled.
Areas to be painted are sanded down to ensure the surface is smooth.
All gaps are caulked.
Damp areas are sealed.

3. Painting

Market leading paint is used such as Farrow&Ball, Dulux, Crown & Leyland.
Emulsion, gloss, eggshell, masonry.
Professional tools are used such as Purdy and Hamilton.
The paint is applied by roller and brush.
The paint is applied until proper coverage.
Clean straight lines applied between trim and walls.

4. After the painting

All furniture are moved back.
The floor is vacuumed and cleaned.
All litter is taken.
Touch up painted areas if needed.