Gable end false door re-fit

The client asked us to re-fit a top false door at gable end. The door was flaky and some boards were rotten. The solutions we came up was to do it from scratch.   We used mobile tower to get to the top. Mobile towers are really handy in most situations. These are light, extremely… More

Decorating staircase railings

This small project took us 3 days to complete. The task was to re-decorate in dark grey using Farrow & Ball satin paint. Stage 1 – preparation. The surface was sanded down as much as possible, holes/cracks filled with wood filler. Stage 2 – applying Zinsser stain block. Stage 3 – priming/undercoating using Farrow &… More

Painting exterior shop front

The project involved painting exterior shop front in Canterbury. The client demanded fresh new look and high quality finish. The 1st stage involved preparation. We used one of the best (if not the best) Dry Flex exterior wood filler, exterior caulk, exterior undercoat and exterior gloss. The final result is fantastic brand new looking front!… More

Decking treatment

Throughout the years the decking is exposed to the elements such as rain, frost, snow and sunlight. This leads to a deterioration of the color, rotting, cracking or curling of the timber. All of this could be prevented in three steps:     •    1. Clean     •    2. Restore     •    3. Protect Cleaning the… More

Paint wooden floor

It’s not very common thing to paint wooden floor. But if it is what you would like to do we are always here to help you. This project took us three days to complete.   It involved preparation of the wooden floor – sanding, filling the holes, fixing boards of 86 square metres of wooden… More

Decorating exterior windows

Decorating exterior windows is really worth doing. Windows/doors has to be looked after from time to time due to severe weather conditions like rain, frost and direct sun light which affects timber. The project involved preparing, undercoating and glossing exterior windows.

Internal oak door treatment

Why would you want to treat internal oak doors? Firstly, treatment will protect from any dirt or stains and it is water resistant. Secondly, it gives natural low sheen finish and looks great.

Painting MDF shelf

Project involved painting 4 metres long and 2.5 metres tall shelf.   Preparation process – filling small holes and gaps. Cleaning the surface.   We used two coats of Dulux Trade white primer/undercoat and few top coats of Dulux Trade White Eggshell which is extremely durable and hard wearing. Final result – brand new handmade… More